Just a few of my more major projects:

Frontline Frontline is a LA Hacks (UCLA Hackathon) project focusing on automatic program parallization and optimization. Under the constraint of a 36-hour development cycle, the program featured great success on simple projects, acting as a python precompiler and optimizer.

As team leader, I was responsible for specifying the structure of the program, designating tasks to be completed by specific deadlines, and presenting the program to the appropriate judges. Furthermore, as the primary backend developer, I was responsible for tackling the challenge of automatic parallelization and higher order programming for automatic code generation.

UCI Wushu UCI Wushu is a club sport at the University of California: Irvine. Every year, they both host and attend national-level martial arts tournaments, representing UCI.

As the only webmaster, I am responsible for the entire operation of the site and subsites. In particular, this means all aesthetic and technical decisions are made primarily by me. Noteable details of the site operation include a competition registration system, incorporating an emailing system and a SQL database for competitor and volunteer data.

EQ Schools EQ Schools provides emotional intelligence training to better equip individuals with relavant leadership and interpersonal skills for both their workplace and the world.

As the sole webmaster, my role in this project is to keep the site both up-to-date and functional, under direct instruction by the CEO, Roni Habib. With hundreds of frequent users and dozens of events per year, it is my responsibilty to make sure that users can quickly find their way around the site and access all relevant information.

OneUCI OneUCI is a simple program created for the 36-hour programming challenge, Hack UCI. It's primary purpose was to act as a centralized information hub and organizer for students at the University of California: Irvine.

In this project, I was responsible for the creation of a pythonic web crawler. More specifically, I was tasked with the creation of the portion of the program that needed to both analayze and integrate the information found on UCI's registrar website.

Gunn Robotics Team Website With over 20 years of history, GRT is a robotics team representing Gunn High School. They participate in yearly FIRST® competitions, as well as regular community outreach.

While I am not currently working in this project, I perform consulting for the current web design team and my initial back-end framework remains unchanged as the foundation of the current website. Noteable features of the website back-end include dynamically created webpages which eliminate the need for web development expertise to create and update webpages, making the site far easier to maintain.